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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Fly with our ToolSet PRO to give you an easy ability to adjust your view as you fly. This give you a realistic immersion of your physical simulator without VR.

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Be More Prepared By Learning In Your Sim

SimuCheck develops software to connect, installation guides to learn, step-by-step instructions to understand, a forum to help you maintain & training videos to help you increase the immersion into your realistic racing, car, train, helicopter and flight simulator.

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Cessna 172 Flight Simulator X

Welcome to my general aviation simulator using FSX. This simulator focuses on interactivity with multiple screens. I decided to not us VR or head tracking since flying requires a lot of looking down at various panels and screens. I us...

Read More about Cessna 172 Flight Simulator X

R22 Helicopter

Upcoming R22 Helicopter simulator

Read More about R22 Helicopter

iRacing Simulator

Checkout this amazing simulator with a serious force feedback steering wheel and hydraulic pedals ! - Hard to go back after this :)

Read More about iRacing Simulator

Boeing 737-800

A Boeing 737 Jet simulator without VR - Gives a very immersive cockpit feeling and using custom scripting I am able to get a intuitive view control - Always returns to horizon on button release. G27 steering wheel with trim control that ...

Read More about Boeing 737-800

TSW Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn

Using our ToolSet PRO we can finally drive a train with many joysticks !

Read More about TSW Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn

CN Rail - TSW (Train Sim World)

I grew up watching CN trains so was excited to buy this game - Using my SimuCheck ToolSet PRO I can connect joysticks (multiple!) to the game and control as am immersive simulator. Ride along with myself and my son on a quick train dri...

Read More about CN Rail - TSW (Train Sim World)

Metropolitan Line S7+1 TS2020

Increase your immersion by using multiple joysticks with Train simulator 2020 (TS 2020) with a joystick. Today we are driving the S7+1 Metropolitan Line from JustTrains which is a very realistic train with real world procedures. Using Ou...

Read More about Metropolitan Line S7+1 TS2020

Trainz 2019

This is the simulator that makes you nostalgic of being a child again. You feel like you are sitting at a trainset but you finally have more then one loco and 3 cars and a circular track :)

Read More about Trainz 2019

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft bring us an amazing new simulator to practice your flying skills. Our ToolSet PRO can increase your immersion into this simulator by offering an easy way to adjust the view in the cockpit. Our software allows to map joystick bu...

Read More about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Arma 3 - Helicopters

Immersive experience with 3 screens, collective, cyclic and pedals. Learn how to fly and control a helicopter using pro controls.

Read More about Arma 3 - Helicopters

Steam Locomotive

Use a Logitech steering wheel for a realistic steam train experience

Read More about Steam Locomotive

Train Sim World (TSW) - Class66

We love the new Train Sim World game, but we feel that it is complete when you are able to use multiple joysticks to control the train. Check out our software in action allowing to use your own joysticks to control the trains

Read More about Train Sim World (TSW) - Class66

Train Simulator (2018) - Class 166

Read More about Train Simulator (2018) - Class 166

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Extensive Resources

Get more out of your simulator with our indepth resources

Howto setup multi-monitors
Getting a better immersion into your simulator can be achieved by combining multiple monitors into one large monitor....
In-Flight Writing / Note Pad
Flying pad to take notes from ATC with diversion included on back-side with forced / precautionary landing procedures.
VFR Flight Planning
Planning doc including center of gravity and flying milestones.
C172 Checklist
For international airport proceedures including emergency procedures.
ICAO flight plan
ICAO flight plan
ICAO - Step-by-step guide to fill in
ICAO - Step-by-step guide to fill in
METAF/TAF/GFA abbreviations
METAF/TAF/GFA abbreviations
Quick Stop Helicopter Maneuver
An interesting maneuver to try in this new configuration is the sudden deceleration, or "quick stop": you pull back s...
Effective Translational Lift (ETL)
ETL behavior is critical both for takeoff and when approaching a landing, especially pinnacle approaches. On takeoff ...
DIY - configure yourself using ToolSet
Using our ToolSet you can configure your joysticks to connect to Train Simulator
Setup interactive ATC on FSX
Using ATC on your flight simulator is a important step to make your simulator very immersive. There are solutions tha...
FltPlan Go
Connect your mobile phone using FltPlan Go to FSX for a very realistic experience how you would fly in real life. Hav...
Connect Camera To Headset
This video explains how to connect your action camera to your aviation headset. UPDATE: Since the video was created ...
Window cut off
There is a weird windows glitch that occasionally one of your windows will slide up into the top of the screen and yo...
The Tube
This is a great show about the Tube in london's under ground. There are 3 seasons of shows all about the life around ...
Steam Trains
Get a deep understanding how to run a steam train
How to start up a steam train
See the steps required to fire up a steam train
CSX engine startup
Cool video showing a CSX startup
Flight Plan
Learn how to create a plight plan with our easy to use step by step instructions
Aviation Knot
How to tie an aviation knot and keep your aircraft secure.
152 POH (1978)
Pilot operating handbook (POH) for a Cessna 152 from the year of 1978
How to create a printable POH booklet on MacOS
Often you get a PDF and you want to print it into a nice booklet. However when you print the pages are not sorted cor...
CYHU - Eastbound departure
East bound departures from St-Hubert Airport
Read a VOR
Learn how to easily interpret a VOR
Navigate a NDB / ADF
Learn how to navigate a NDB with a ADF
Fly with guages on your iPad - Air Manager
Use your iPad to display guages and fly
Boeing 737 Jet home simulator - build your own - intuitive view controls without VR - POV
I showcase why I built my Jet simulator without VR - Gives a very immersive cockpit feeling and using custom scriptin...
My Favourite Affordable C172 Simulator
Detailed overview of this amazing FSX simulator with 3 x 32inch screens, Yoke, Throttle, Rudder Pedals, 2 iPads with ...
Create a realistic steam locomotive experience using multiple joysticks on Train Simulator 2019
Connect your steam locomotive (Train Simulator 2019) to multiple joysticks and get a realistic experience. Logitech s...
DIY - Realistic Steam Train control with instructions how to configure with our software
Using our SimuCheck open-source Toolset you can increase your immersion into your steam train simulator by automating...
Pilots' view of Stall & Spin w/ATC audio at CYUL flight training, start-up, cross-wind landing
Be immersed into a flight with the pilots perspective including ATC audio on a Cessna 172 at Montreal Trudeau Interna...
Last Flight / Next Flight Notes
Keep track of how I did in my last flight and any important notes I want to remember for the next flight. I then read...

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