Setup interactive ATC on FSX

Using ATC on your flight simulator is a important step to make your simulator very immersive. There are solutions that exist that allow you to talk to a real person and are very realistic, however when relaxing/praticing I tend to not want to interact with real people and just take the time to learn whilst in my zone (might be a personal preference :)

The ATC voices on FSX are fairly good actually and not robotic (compared to other flight simulators) which is why I still hold on to FSX as my primary simulator. On other simulators when I hear a robot reading my clearence it ruins my flying experience.
-> If anyone knows how to put real voices from the computer on other simulators please let me know your experience ?

This is why I developed a solution that allows to mimic ATC commands, and is very close to the real thing. It involves muting the pilot voice on FSX and only hearing the towered voice. The pause is still preserved so you can push a button and speak normally your request - and then wait for the tower to respond.

Obviously if you speak too slow the tower will then step on your words and if you read too fast there will be a long pause.... However for me I feel this creates pressure that is similar to talking to ATC at an international airport - There is pressure to make your ATC requests very clear and to the point.
-> Also by turning off the ATC log, this forces practice and to improve proficiency.