We offer different types of training

ATC Practice

Mastering ATC dialog is very difficult until your ear is trained. We created a call/answer system that allows you to listen to commands spoken by ATC and you can then respond to familize yourself. When you get into more stressful situations you will be more prepared and allow you to learn about other more important parts of flying.

True/False Testing

When you take your real-exam it will be mutliple choice. But we discovered from our research that true/false learning is a quicker method of practicing. Our system focuses on speed and forces you to answer fast. You will be presented with a single statement. You must choose if the statement is true or false in less then 5 seconds. After practicing using our system you will notice that you are able to more quickly explain the concepts you are learning

ATC Practice

Click the button to hear an ATC communication at random. Practice repeating the response and ensure you comprehended all the information that was given by ATC.
Click Play again as many times as you wish to train your ear.

True/False Learning

Our system displays a phrase which you must identify as true or false within 5 seconds.
Our system over time will force your brain to comprehend the information and understand and be able to explain in faster.