Track and monitor your flights in your SIM and the REAL-WORLD

Our Flight LOGGER will allow you to track your simulator hours as well as your real-world hours. We are currently in private ALPHA, contact us if you want to be part of our testing group.

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Real-world hours are separated with your simulator hours.

Track complex routes, by indicating departure / arrival as well as all stop overs.

Add detailed prep and recaps for each flight, that can be shared with your instructor.

Monitor details about all your flights since your start.


Intuitive design

Our system features a great untuitive design to facilite easy data entry.


Our system allows to track your SIMULATOR and REAL-WORLD hours. This allows to focus on the type of learning and achieve better results.

Overview Totals

Get an overview about your flying in a snapshots. Manage your currency by following up on what you need to achieve in your upcoming flights.

Exercise Status

Our exercise status display allow you to see details on the unique types of flying exercises. For example you can see the last time you performed a specific type of exercises. This ensures you practice exercises which you might get out of practice with.

Efficient Data Entry

Our efficient design allows you to input your data quickly and efficiently


Add detailed information about flights so you can review with your instructor before the next flight.

Get Early access (available soon) with your - Patreon SimuCheck:::Software subscription