R22 Helicopter

Upcoming R22 Helicopter simulator

Gear (Estimated $ 1,112.00 USD)

NOTE: Computer price is NOT included in the gear estimate

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These documents are NOT to be used in real-flight unless your instructor validates and approves them.
NOTE: SimuCheck owns all copyright - Personal use permitted / commercial use only with approval

NOTE: SimuCheck owns all copyright - Personal use permitted / commercial use only with approval

  • Howto setup multi-monitors
    Getting a better immersion into your simulator can be achieved by combining multiple monitors into one large monitor.  This then allows to be able to use any game and have it span all monitor...
  • Quick Stop Helicopter Maneuver
    An interesting maneuver to try in this new configuration is the sudden deceleration, or "quick stop": you pull back sharply on the cyclic while dropping the collective and pressing the right pedal ...
  • Effective Translational Lift (ETL)
    ETL behavior is critical both for takeoff and when approaching a landing, especially pinnacle approaches. On takeoff ETL gives you a "kick in the pants" that you can feel while climbing out, which ...
  • Setup interactive ATC on FSX
    Using ATC on your flight simulator is a important step to make your simulator very immersive. There are solutions that exist that allow you to talk to a real person and are very realistic, however ...
  • FltPlan Go
    Connect your mobile phone using FltPlan Go to FSX for a very realistic experience how you would fly in real life. Having the same setup as in real life is crutial to maintain your safetly and prepa...
  • Window cut off
    There is a weird windows glitch that occasionally one of your windows will slide up into the top of the screen and you have no way of getting it back out (since you can't move your mouse up to drag...
  • Flight Plan
    Learn how to create a plight plan with our easy to use step by step instructions
  • How to create a printable POH booklet on MacOS VIEW
    Often you get a PDF and you want to print it into a nice booklet. However when you print the pages are not sorted correctly, so it does not workout. Here are the step by step instructions how to co...
  • Read a VOR
    Learn how to easily interpret a VOR
  • Navigate a NDB / ADF
    Learn how to navigate a NDB with a ADF

Sacha-Lewis Dmytruk

Loves controlling a simulator with multiple joysticks to get a closer and deeper connection with any big steel form of transport: whether this be a small airplane, big jet or a train.