Connect your joysticks and interface with your sim

SimuCheck CONNECT is a software that allows you to create complicated connections between your joysticks, mouse, keyboard to interact with your simulator and visualize various data on a tablet. 

This allows greater control over your simulator and gives control with a joystick when native support is not available. 

This helps you get a greater immersion into your simulator and all your configurations are synced to the cloud and available across all your different computers.

Get Early access (available soon) with your - Patreon SimuCheck:::Software subscription

Joysticks mapped to keyboard commands

Create keyboard sequences and run based on joystick axis.

Visualize information on tablets in connection to your simulator.

Auto start programs to automate your simulator startup.


Train Simulator Usage

Train Simulators can be controled with many joysticks even on Train Simulators that do not natively support joysticks. All your config and settings will be stored on your cloud account so they can be synced across multiple computers / simulators.

Flight Simulator Benefits

CONNECT gives you the ability to choose which data points in FSUIPC connect to specific guages. Now when you buy your special aircraft and you realize the airspeed is NOT using the standard, it will NOT create any issues using your iPad app ! :)

Our concept is simple and elequant: You choose the data point and connect to which guage you want to visualize.

Other Types of Simulators Coming Soon...

CONNECT will support all types of simulators.

After we roll-out Train / Flight simulator versions we will incorporate Racing, Truck, Space Simulators as well. Please support us on Patreon so we can launch sooner ! - Thank you !

Get Early access (available soon) with your - Patreon SimuCheck:::Software subscription