Sam Maxwell SMZ1 F1 Wheel

The SMZ1 F1 wheel is a state of the art current F1 tech inspired wheel for those drivers who want nothing less than the best.

Made from a 1/4" thick solid piece of carbon fiber with cast in place urethane rubber hand grips this wheel places the control center of an F1 car in your hands!

  • 10 buttons
  • 4 three way momentary toggles
  • 6 rotary style switches
  • Dual clutch paddles
  • Two shift paddles
  • 4.3" touch panel display
  • 15 shift/DRS lights
  • 6 secondary warning lights

The commercial duty shifters are from Precision Design Worx and are billet aluminum with magnetic snap action. The dual clutch paddles allow for controlled starts at the drop of the green. The combined 32 individual inputs let you control even the most elaborate racing cars.

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