SimuCheck ToolSet PRO #

If you want advanced features to control your simulator then our SimuCheck ToolSet PRO is for you:

CSV script managing: Instead of creating your scripts in a programming language we allow you to create all your scripts in a CSV file. This makes it easier to create and manage your scripts.

CSV Switching: Keep separate CSVs for your different simulators and switch between them easily
Profile Switching: All the scripts you add to your CSV are available from a dropdown to allow you to easily switch to a new profile without closing and opening a different script. After you switch to a new profile you will see all active key sequeneces.
Includes an ALL group so you can assign commands to all profiles within a spreadsheet which helps to save time by grouping commands you always keep the same compared to other commands that are profile dependant.

Recent Key Sequences: Easily view which key sequences were recently activated directly on the screen and without external programs.

Joystick Status: Quickly view all the joysticks that are attached to your computer and which axis/buttons are active. Modify your script and click RELOAD to use the new changes.

Download from Patreon with a SimuCheck:::Software subscription


To download ToolSet PRO you require an annual subscription. You can cancel anytime and any software you download during your active/paid subscription you can keep and use forever. You are also supporting me to continue to develop new ways to enhance our simulators :)

After you download the the ZIP file, extract to any directory you wish and you will see the following files. Read below what they all do

Re-assign to match your joystick simulator setup
Use in Microsoft Flight Simulator to adjust the views while flying which increases the realistic feeling.

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Open Source

Our ToolSet Core is Open-Source (LGPL) which is a great balance between freedom and community. Download it from If you are interesting to join our community and help us program or anything else please contact us, we would love the help !

Our Unique Technology

Use our SimuCheck ToolSet to increase your immersion into your simulator. Our ToolSet allows to interface your joysticks and mouse into specific commands that control your Simulator.
We are currently ALPHA. Test out and please provide feedback so you can help us get to BETA that much sooner !

ToolSet Pro Version

If you want to support our growing community please sign-up for our Patreon SimuCheck:::Software subscription. This will give you access to SimuCheck ToolSet PRO, which offers advanced features: CSV script managing, Profile Switching and Recent Key Sequences.

Please support us on Patreon for less then a cup of coffee a month

Download from:


GUI Application

An intuitive GUI runs your scripts as well as displays all the connected joysticks on your computer. Easily identify the Joystick axis / buttons which you want to assign to a command that will control your simulator.

Create your own scripts

Create your own scripts by using our API to add the features you need for your simulator. Visual Studio Code allows to display syntax highlighting for AutoHotKey, so it makes creating scripts a breeze

Keyboard Detect

Use our included Keyboard detect to identify which key and how long (milliseconds) it was pushed for. This is then used to modify your script. Our scripts use AutoHotKey key syntax to define the actions.


Download and install AutoHotKey

#1 Deactivate

You can change the dropdown back to offline if you want to pause the system and now run keyboard / mouse commands

#2 Restart

If you make changes to the script while you are testing you can click reload to restart the script and use the changes.

#3 Determine Joystick Status

Click "Joy+" and "Joy-" to navigate through all the joysticks that are installed on your computer. Then adjust the axis' or push buttons and you will see which are activated on the gui application. You can then modify your script with the changes.

#4 Loop Active

It is now active and any joystick commands you specified in the LOOP are now active !

#5 GUI Application

A GUI will appear, after 'loading' goes away -> Change the dropdown to 'Online' and click submit

#6 Run a Script

Simply right-click and choose 'run script'

#7 Scripts

Any script you make needs to include the SimuCheckToolSet library like this "#Include SimuCheckToolSet_Lib.ahk" - Check out our template and modify that file to get started

#8 UnZIP

UnZip the files to any directory you wish on your computer.

#10 Install AutoHotKey

Download and install AutoHotKey


Simply EXTEND your script to use our LGPL library and get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Add the following keyboard commands into your script below

MousePushKeysReleaseOtherKeys (ToolSet PRO only)

Map your mouse buttons to a key sequence. When you (for example) push the middle mouse it will run the key sequence. You can also use the Rbutton / Lbutton NOTE: Ensure in your spreadsheet you disable auto spelling corrections as if MButton will cause issues since different then Mbutton. I will fix this in a future release.

Toolset PRO:
Profile Name Joy# Axis/Btn Command KeysDown KeysUp Notches KeysDownAlt KeysUpAlt MouseX MouseY MouseReleaseX MouseReleaseY
TeesValley-Shunter Climb up MButton MousePushKeysReleaseOtherKeys {e down}{Sleep 100}{e up}
In our example above when the middle mouse button is pushed the key sequence will be run. This is especially effective for mapping the e key, so in train simulator you can climb up on the train with the middle mouse button.


Using an analog axis a key you specify will be pushed and held at the top or the bottom of the axis until you slide away. This is especially useful for horns when you slide and keep it sounding until you slide away from an extremity. ToolSet PRO only: You are also able to add a key sequence (keysDown / keyDownAlt) allowing to control notches. If you push up / down a single notch will be run.

AxisPushHoldKeyTopOrBottom(3, JoyX, "{Space down}", "{Space up}", "{b down}", "{b up}")

Toolset PRO:
Profile Name Joy# Axis/Btn Command KeysDown KeysUp Notches KeysDownAlt KeysUpAlt MouseX MouseY MouseReleaseX MouseReleaseY
Class43 Horn 3 JoyX AxisPushHoldKeyTopOrBottom {Space down} {Space up} {e down}{Sleep 100}{e up}
In our example above when Joystick 3 axis JoyX is moved to the bottom (100 percent) the space bar will be pushed as long as you leave the axis at the bottom. When you slide back to the middle the space bar will be released. If you slide the Joystick 3 axis JoyX to the top (0 percent) it will push the b key and hold it down as long as you keep the joystick at the top. When you slide back to the middle it will release the b key. You can omit the top of the bottom so that you can leave the slider at the top and only slide to the bottom to activate the horn.


When pushing a button a series of keystrokes will be fired and when you release the button another series of keystrokes will be fired. This works great to perform an action while your finger is pushing and then return to normal after you release your finger.

BtnPushKeysReleaseOtherKeys(6, 5, "{F4 down}{Sleep 64}{F4 up}{Sleep 50}", "{F4 down}{Sleep 125}{F4 up}{Sleep 50}")

Toolset PRO:
Profile Name Joy# Axis/Btn Command KeysDown KeysUp Notches KeysDownAlt KeysUpAlt MouseX MouseY MouseReleaseX MouseReleaseY
Class43 Show HUD 6 5 BtnPushKeysReleaseOtherKeys {F4 down}{Sleep 64}{F4 up}{Sleep 50} {F4 down}{Sleep 125}{F4 up}{Sleep 50}
In our example above when Joystick 6 btn 5 is pusheed the heads up display will appear. It will continue to appear as long as you keep pushing your button. As soon as you release the button the heads up display will disappear.


As you slide an axis on your joystick a series of keystrokes is pushed for each notch. This is useful for throttle or brakes and allows to use your joystick axis to control without the game supporting joysticks.

AxisToKeysNotches(6, "JoyZ", 13, "{a down}{Sleep 94}{a up}{Sleep 100}", "{d down}{Sleep 94}{d up}{Sleep 100}")

Toolset PRO:
Profile Name Joy# Axis/Btn Command KeysDown KeysUp Notches KeysDownAlt KeysUpAlt MouseX MouseY MouseReleaseX MouseReleaseY
Class166 Throttle 6 JoyZ AxisToKeysNotches {a down}{Sleep 94}{a up}{Sleep 100} {a down}{Sleep 94}{a up}{Sleep 100}
In our example above when Joystick 6 axis JoyZ is slide up or down a series of keystrokes is pushed at each notch. If you use 10 notches it means each new 10 percent of the joystick the series of keystrokes will be pushed. i.e. when you joystick moves from 5 percent to 11 percent the KeysDown will be fired once. If you slide from 31 percent to 9 percent the KeysDown will be fired 3 times.


If you push a button the mouse will be moved a specific amount. This allows to move your viewpoint down a specific amount while you hold the button down and when you release it will move back to the same place you started from.

BtnPushMouse(6, 14, -200, 0, 200, 0)

Toolset PRO:
Profile Name Joy# Axis/Btn Command KeysDown KeysUp Notches KeysDownAlt KeysUpAlt MouseX MouseY MouseReleaseX MouseReleaseY
Class166 Look left (out window) 6 14 BtnPushMouse -200 0 200 0
This will move the view to the left (to look out the window) when you push the button down on joystick 6 #14. negative on the X-axis will move to the Left on your screen. When you release the button it will move your view back to where you started. It is simply adding the same amount which was removed on the first call.

Troubleshooting #

Fix standard issues

Mouse commands fly out of the screen

SOLUTION: Close the Keyboard detect program.
DESC: The keyboard detect is not compatible with the mouse commands. This can cause issues where you push a key to move the mouse and instead of it moving a little bit it will move at a great amount. Ensure after you have programmed and are ready to start your simulator experience you close the keyboard detect program.

Keyboard events are not working on specific games / applications

SOLUTION: Open your script / program as admininstrator. Right click before you open the program and choose "run as administrator"
DESC: Some games / applications have security so only when you are running as administrator will it accept the key commands.