Steam Locomotive

Use a Logitech steering wheel for a realistic steam train experience

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        Create a realistic steam locomotive experience using multiple joysticks on Train Simulator 2019

        Connect your steam locomotive (Train Simulator 2019) to multiple joysticks and get a realistic experience. Logitech steering-wheel allows to control the reverser in a realistic manner by turning many times to go from forward to reverse. Logitech throttle quadrant allows the realistic movement

        DIY - Realistic Steam Train control with instructions how to configure with our software

        Using our SimuCheck open-source Toolset you can increase your immersion into your steam train simulator by automating actions to control your simulator. Do this with our free open-source library with scripting OR signup to our annual subscription and download our Toolset PRO which allows to manage from a CSV / Spreadsheet program. The annual subscriptions not only gives you tools that help to immerse yourself into your simulator but it also shows your support which enables me to continue to create better ways to deepen your immersion and control your simulator !

        NOTE: SimuCheck owns all copyright - Personal use permitted / commercial use only with approval

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        SimuCheck owns all copyright - Personal use permitted / commercial use only with approval.
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